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Vinyl Decal Install Instructions

Clean the desired area with Isopropal Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol 70% - 90% is fine).
No Windex (It has silicone wax in it).

1. Use masking tape to hold graphic in place.

2. Remove back paper ONLY. (Do not remove front masking tape until installation is complete)

3. Use a credit card or squeegee to apply graphic onto the surface. This will help remove any air bubbles.
Work from the center out to the edges.
Use medium pressure.

4. Remove front masking tape.

5. Good Job! You did it!

If you notice small or tiny air bubbles, don't worry, most will go away over a week or two as the vinyl sets. If there are big air bubbles, get a pin, poke them in the middle, and rub the air bubble out. Also, sun speeds up this process. Vinyl loves to sun bathe!


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